Monday, May 28, 2012

Makai ki Roti

This is a traditional Corn Meal flat bread served in the Sub-Continent in main course for lunch or dinner. My father loves it with a glass of Lassi and Mint Chutney. I did this quick recipe and tutorial with my sister who taught me an easy way to shape and make a 'makai ki roti'.

1. 2 Cups Corn Meal ( Makai Ka Atta )
2. Water 1 cup
3. Ghee or Butter 1 table spoon
4. Salt if desired
  • Put your corn meal in a mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Add salt (about half a tea spoon)
  • Add warm water with one hand and mix with the other (or use a wooden spoon)
  • Make a dough out of it.
  • Kneed it.
  • Now rolling it into a 'Roti' is a bit of a challenge because you can't use dry flour to roll it and the dough has a sticky tendency. Here's the trick to do it.

 Make a ball and slightly press it between your palms.
Take a sheet of butter paper or alternatively use a plastic bag as we did.
Put you dough on the sheet and press it to shape and spread (about 7-8inches in diameter)

Now lift if from the surface along with the butter paper so it won't break. Peel the paper off.

Transfer it on to a hot skillet or tawa. Add ghee or butter along the sides. Turn it over when one side is nicely golden brown. Cook on the other side and serve.

Serve with a blob of white butter on top, some chutney or pickle and lassi.

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