Monday, May 28, 2012


Usually I tend to dismiss an idea thats been done over and over again. It makes one feel good when you pick up an idea, a new pair of shoes a colour trend or a fashion when its only an under-current for the majority who are yet to follow. But like the chevron, the sunburst was hard to ignore. I had to make one! I found some really nice sunbursts floating around in the pinterest universe:
I wanted it to go over my headboard.
I opted for the bamboo skewers to make the sunburst. I did not have a mirror..but I used an old metal sun wall hang as my centre piece
.First, I spray painted the skewers with half cream and half grey colour.
Next I hot glued the 'rays' on the back side of my smaller sunburst.

I loved it when I turned it over and went in the bedroom to check how it looks on the wall...hung it up there. Smiled and left the room. At night when I went in the room to show it off to my husband.....there was no sign of a sunburst in the room. WHAT? I hung it right there! OMG It lay broken and wounded behind the bed. Something had gone wrong with the nail on which I hung it :( so I HAD TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN !

The finished project.


  1. great new take on the sunburst "mirror"! Looks great and I like that it's different than all the other ones out there! :)

  2. Thanks alot! Thanks for hosting the linky party. Its a treat to see your comments here. Oh and please join the site and follow my tiny blog :)

  3. Love, love, love this!!! I agree, I don't usually like to tackle a project when I have seen them all over the place. But I know without a doubt that the world is a better place with this sunburst in it :)


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