Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Revamped Flip Flops

Summer Calling! Put on your sun glasses, grab a tote and there you go flip floppin' to the grocery store...aaahh well you could go somewhere more exciting too but hey doesn't it feel liberating to just slide your feet in some bright and airy foot wear and hop out. I have some really cool ideas for upgrading a boring pair of flip-flops.
Just for an example..the ones above are called 'kaula-puri' and look great just the way they are but if you want to move a step further and add some twist you could add those baby pom-poms made out of yarn in bright colours...
Or you could use felt balls to prettify them. .Although I stole these from my sister but they are do-able.

All you need is some hot glue and some creativity!

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