Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dress Up a Tin

The picture says it all. I made this for a family friend. Since it had to be used in the kitchen I made it water-proof or rather wet-hand proof...because I wash my hands like a Mysophobic person while I'm in the kitchen.. the contents of this can would be used on a regular basis so I wanted it to have a protective layer.

I took a printed pattern..(I printed this about 2 years ago) and a school book plastic cover. Brushed some glue onto the tin and wrapped the paper and plastic around it.
In case your'e curious about the contents of the can..well let me spill it out for you.. its TANG..Why would I give sombody TANG..because it is NOT available in Germany! You can only find a bottle of Tang in some high end 'Food Court'..who knew! I bought a large can of Tang at the airport on my way back to Germany. So in case you're planing to move to Germany..bring your Tang with you! See crafty blogs can give you so much life-saving advice!Instead of filing it in an unimpressive zip-lock bag I did a quick dress up on a can.

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