Friday, September 14, 2012

Silk Rope Earrings

I am not a fashionista but having said that, I do like to pick up on the trends and work around..BUT this is limited to either shoes or statement jewellery..all the rest is in my mothers's hands. STILL. I can not for the love of God ever go into a fabric store and put together an outfit on my own. Western wear is easy..jeans and a top..but eastern wear I tell you the NOT easy. Talking about statement pieces--well one should atleast have one or two, be it a hot pink pair of pumps or a larger than life ring studded with stones..I tend to like them.

Recently, I stumbled upon the beautiful works of Dori Csengeri.Her work displays fine craftswomanship..hand sewn silk cording and real glass beads and swarovski..all this comes with a hefty price tag..I took inspiration and tried.

I used rope cord instead of the plain silk cord. For the beads I used what I had on hand..which wasnot much..a broken bracelet and a necklace. I used faux leather for the back and earring loops to finish it off.

I would really love to find out which glue works better...I used a white one and it left untidy marks when it dried. Willl be trying to make some more too..with better results I hope :)

PS.  these match my Clutch Bag too.

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  1. This is excellent. LOVE This! Absolutely cute and useful. Do come link it up with us at !

  2. So fabulous!!! I just looked up Dori and her work also. I love it. Thank you for sharing!!!


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