Friday, October 5, 2012

Oktoberfest Müchen 2012

This past Wednesday we had a  public holiday to mark the Re-unification of East and West Germany. On 3rd October 1990, East and West Germany were reunited, ending 45 years of Cold War division. On the other hand, Müncheners were busy celebrating something else. The most awaited event of all year 'The Oktoberfest'. We spent the holiday at the fest.

'Every year, around seven million people from all over the world come to the southern German city of Munich for a 16-day party, during which roughly the same number of Mass (litre-sized glasses) of beer are consumed.' (Source:

'The first Oktoberfest in Munich took place on 12th Oktober 1812 to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (who became King Ludwig I later) and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Munich's citizens were invited to join the festivity which was held on a field on the city's outskirts. In honor of the new-wed princess it was named Theresienwiese (Theresia's meadow).
The festivities ended with a horse race, and it was decided to repeat the race in the following year. An agricultural show, beers stalls, merry-go-rounds and other amusements were added to the festival over the years. The horse race is no longer held, but the Oktoberfest is still celebrated on the Theresienwiese in Munich. So welcome to the Wiesn as the locals say.' (Source)

I have not seen Germans getting exited about anything else more; even Christmas, than for the Oktoberfest. Stores are stuffed with Drindles and Lederhosen.

 I had to wait in a long line before I could get into a changing room at our local shopping center. Public transport has to be managed with extra staff at the train stations to channel the oozing crowds with boozed up heads. Although known for its beer, the fest offers something for the entire family.

We went there and had fun on the rides, the alluring aroma of warm sugared nuts, fruit in warm chocolate, candy floss and the background noise of people yelling as they came down on the free fall or spun around on some other crazy ride made us feel the fest at its best. There was so much non-alcoholic pleasure to have.

       Mandel Nuss...warm sugary

I made a small crafty project in line with the fest :) Guests at Oktoberfest normally consume around half a million pretzels during the festival.So, I made a clay pretzel necklace pendant. I have made my own clay and I'm experimenting things with expect some of that coming soon.

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