Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random Tip: Storing Pot Lids

This may cause you to end up with a dismissively twitched nose..but you've got to trust me this is the most frugal solution I have ever come across to store those pot lids that we all hate so much when storing our cookware somewhere inthere in despair. (ignore the misuse of poetic license)

I know luxury kitchens offer lots of convenient storage and who wouldn't want them! I will drop my wish to own one in the same box in which I have kept my wish for a Kitchen Aid Artisan, an old English style gas hob with a full range of  french Le Creuset pots to cook in, a retro refrigerator (Meneghini La Ghiacciaia as seen on Nigella Express!) and..pinch me!

All you need is a small kitchen cabinet, a piece of elastic and thumb pins!

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