Tuesday, March 12, 2013

German Quark Dessert

This dessert beats Nigella in terms of its short prep time and high calorie count scale. Its an instant show stopper after a dinner party. I would say it is self invented and pleases the guests everytime.

Poor picture quality due to kitchen rush hours!

Lets go layer by layer into this sinful bowl of pleasure shall we;)

Layer one: Crushed Golden Ring Biscuits, pressed firmly at the bottom of a serving dish. I skip using melted butter here as these biscuits already have tons of butter in them.

Layer Two: Diced Banana

Layer Three: Strawberry Quark, spread with a spatula.

Layer Four: Generous sprinkling of mixed dry fruit

Layer Five: Sweetened Fruit Cocktail

Layer Six: optional biscuits/ apple/ chocolate count your own sins!

Layer Seven: Well beaten, soft n snowy cream. Beat well with powdered sugar to taste.

Finish it off with a chocolate drizzle or moulded choc leaves and some real spring flowers!

Present with a disclaimer..Any Layers added to the waist are not the host's responsability.

Guten apetit!

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