Friday, March 8, 2013

Pleasant Surprise: Carrot Cake

It has been a great sunny week here in Munich. We took a trip to Sttutgart to visit family and to collect a bündle of fabulous goodies my mother had sent for us. Only an expat can tell the out of this world happiness to recieve a parcel from back home. So moma sent some beautiful dresses, shoes, homemade spice mix for back ache ( will be sharing recipe here ) for hubbs, herbal tea, tea whitener everyday ( whythey no make it here! Why ) my favorite sugared fennel seeds in a pixie tin..see tidly bidly stuff you can't ask anyone else to send to far far away places like Germany :( i had a happy week. :)))

We invited a new neighbour of ours over the weekend and I tried a new recipe for dessert after dinner.I tried Nigella's carrot cake

Here's a quick recipe:

This recepie is for cupcakes, but I made a small cake following the same amounts of ingredients.
Took me well over 40 mins to bake it.
I filled the cake with froting in between two layers and then just roughly frosted the cake with a spatula. I have seen some really cute carrot cakes with little marzipan carrots on them. That would look great but since I had a dinner to prepare too..I was short on time, used just a tiny bit of orange zest.

I would use less oil next time. Forgot to take a picture of the sliced cake. It tasted surprisingly good.

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