Monday, March 18, 2013

Tribal Triangles: Choker Necklace

I am not a necklace buyer, I am a rings and bracelets sort of person. I did wear some long necklaces during my university days but after getting married I had to shift to gold chains, sapphires, rubies and diamonds for that matter! Grown up stuff thats passed on to the bride by the parents :)

Lets quit the goldie talk and get back to the frugal self that I really am !

I have a newfound love for chockers and bold neck pieces. Mumsie has sent me a beautiful embroidered dress and I wanted to turn it into a complete outfit by adding a piece of complenting jewellery. I liked pieces like these:

They were at a OK price..about €12-€15 each..hmmm will I be wearing that more than 5 times- not sure > move to the sad shelf with items on sale > ahhaa! Find a similar piece but in a wierd orange snake print > price tag > €3 ! Grab it > pay and run back home!

I stripped the orange snake off its skin by using my nail polish remover. There was a decent looking necklace under it.
To customise it for my dress I tapped it and painted some hot pink triangles with nail polish! Ta da!

Bargain turned into DIY made to match dress jewellery!

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