Friday, March 22, 2013

Hand Printed Aztec Table Runner

Did you know that cacao was first discovered by the aztecs? Thats enough reason for me to love them. Moreover, their artistic flair is being echoed today in so many ways. The aztec tribal print is THE new chevron.

While hubbs was away for a week, I had plenty of time to do this table runner. All materials were on hand and it took me well over 2 hours to make this on trend runner.

I had this really thick and neutral coloured fabric left over from my storage boxes which you can find HERE.

I measured my table and cut it to size. For the width I added an extra inch, half inch fold over on each side to make a neat edge. I used hot glue to turn the edges.

             All you need is a permanent marker, or what most people may call a 'sharpie'.

I first made a template out of card board. A basic triangle.
I traced it on the edges all the way with a thinner marker.
Note: A quicker and less strenous way would be to stamp the triangles on..using paint. I avoided paint because With the limited work space that I have..letting this long runner to sit and dry peacefully wasn't going to happen. I have a two year old.

Plus, I like the worn out kind of uneven patchy look of the triangles. Gives it the real feal.
Fill in the outllines with a thick marker...go on and on and on.. It can get boring but wait till you see the final product !

I love it for its earthy simplicity. I plan to use bold red placemats with this runner.

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