Monday, April 29, 2013

Random TIp: Cleaning Heavily Smogged Windows

Before the summer sun completely shines through my windows, I decided to clean my ceiling to floor windows that run across the entire length of the living room. Man this job is worth a weeks workouts! It was another task I had been ignoring for sometime now.

Grub gathered throughout the long and slushy winters...All gone. Here's a quick tip.

Use a telescopic Mop for tall and wide Windows like mine. Use a clean towel attachement and get scrubbin' it all of in long strides.

Since I don't have a hose I had to wipe the cleaning mixture off instead of running it down using water. I took a bucket of water and added rough amounts of Fairy Dish wash liquid, and a generous splurt of glass shinner (made for dish washers)  in it too.

 I used a reusable towel attachement ..washing and wringing it in this solution..until all the black stuff came Windows get really really dirty because I live on a main road on ground floor!

Don't let this quickly to avoid streaks. To wipe it off use the same but well washed mop and then the BEST Thing that cleans glass..use a ball of scrunched up newspaper!

I sprayed the entire window with sporadic splashes of glint and used the newspaper to rub it off in circular movements until I could see my sweaty face in the glass!

Whoopsie..forgot to take an after Picture!

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