Monday, April 29, 2013

Instant Microwave Kulfi

This post came into being after a late night venture in the kitchen by my sweet toothed husband!
Its almost crazy how the idea came and at midnight we were having kulfi ! Later he did 40 mins on the cross Trainer..but I was under the effects of kulfi I just had and wanted to doze off.

We watch our local home news channels after dinner and this advertisement was poping up on every commercial break. Its a hilarious one with an even more cheapo Jingle but...I came up saying that its been Ages since I've had kulfi....and that my friends was when hubbs searched for a recipe on Google and was in the kitchen after 8 minutes and 56 seconds!

The recipie as shown in the Video was quick..but it obviously lacked the creamy texture..which I think Comes from Khoya..but it was a nice try to satisfy nostalgia.

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