Monday, May 27, 2013

Ricotta Cheese Khoya / Mawa

This is a quick note for anyone who's looking for a khoya Substitute to make sweet delicacies without fail. I always thought of it to be the trickiest things to try but hey this man in the Video made it look sooo fuss free. No fancy kitchen or measuring Cups..just a plain home made Video helped me make the best Ghulab Jamuns I've ever made before.

If you live in a place where desi Shops are far and few  and dont stock on khoya..this is the recipe to go for. Look no further.
Here's the tried and tested recipe:
  • 250 gms Ricotta Cheese
  • 250 gms Milk
Reduce into a soft Dough by continuously stirring both Ingredients on a low flame.

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