Monday, May 27, 2013

Watercolor and Paper Collage on Canvas

I was aspiring to try out watercolors. Had a canvas laying around..but was low on my original idea generation I did a quick search for some inspiration and instantly wanted to try this art design that I found on Etsy.

Just under an hour later I had my own version ready to go on my empty red wall.
I loved the ink used by the artist and the geometric pattern was what caught my eye in the first place-
I had this second hand book which I got because of its aged paper and the font. I tore some pages and modpodged them.

I also used a tea stain to add a vintage hint.
 When asked my my husband what I would call this if I was a fine art master...the first response that came to my mind was a proverb in Urdu...'Darya ko Kozay Mein Band Kar '
When forced to explain further (imagine the the effort he was putting in to show his interest in  artwork. Almost ridiculously funny!! )

End result..well kind of ok..but I knew I wont come up with a fine piece. I only wanted to experiment and have fun trying to be avant garde!

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