Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When it Rains, it Pours

You might have noticed in the news about the recent shower bursts in Gemany, Austria and Czech. It literally was raining cats and dogs and cows and sheep!

The Danube river has flooded and Bavaria has witnessed its highest flood levels in 70 years they say. We are in the south too, but fortunately only the balcony flooded a bit..no issues other than that. BUT we were forced to spend a mega long weekend at home. Thursday being a bank holiday, Friday Mr. took off and then the weekend. OK..News bulletin ends here.
All snuggled up under the quilt..I've been reading the translated works of Manto.. Got my hands on a second hand book, delivered just in time before the mini holiday. I found a handwritten note by the previous owner inside it.

It reads: Manto plays few notes but makes a grand symphony.....quietly.

Nothing much happened on the craft tab lately, just two tiny projects..which I will be sharing soon.

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