Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scrambling : Wall Art

Yes that's what we called it back in college. Scrambling. All you need to do is to scramble a rough pattern onto your work surface with a pencil.
 I used normal card paper.
 I have done this before, filling the entire spaces of the resulting pattern with either monochromatic or analogous colors. This time however, I chose to fill in only a few spaces and then erase the remaining pencil lines. 

I did plan to use paint but while I was looking for my black paint In the box I got hold of a black permanent marker..and changed my mind.
This was much quicker like 2 minutes!

Simple piece of bold abstract art. Totally my style!


  1. Great statement! Love a good looking piece of modern art now and then. Super job!

  2. Thank you, both for leaving a comment and hosting the party:)


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