Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Displaying Pfingstrose in Sea Glass

Confession: I am a poor plant care taker. I find keeping plants as difficult as doing math. Too much water..they'll die, too less you murdered them. Too much sunshine..they get a sun stroke..no light..fungus. I can only take care of my child. Period.
Rant: I once read in a book that if a doctor's waiting room has fake plants, don't trust him too much!
I don't know how true that is..but I began hating artificial flora when at a point my mother made huge flower decorations all around our home, on the sideboard, on the mirror, table center piece, in every vase and where not!
 We lived in an army colony and the army wives had this obsession with using  spray painted tree barks and fake flowers!
 I had been avoiding this rosey trap since then..until more recently.
 I wanted to have big peonies or hydrangeas displayed in my main entrance of the flat.
A trip to Ikea and I got just four of these spring roses in pink.
 I'm loving the color boost they give.
Not fresh ; still they do the job for the eye.

To display them I used an old mason's jar with a broken lid. I used a mixture of glue, water and just drops of blue food color to make a sea glass effect. You can find lots of ways to make blue glass on the web. I tried it for the first time..had drips but not noticeable. I'm thinking of making some more sea glass bottles for my bathroom window.

Thats it for now. I hope the skies are clearer soon and we can be back out in the sand.

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