Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Wreath:

I have come across lots of blog posts where pumpkins have replaced peonies on mantels and acorns have taken the place of sea shells on coffee tables. I enjoy this celebration of seasonal change here on blog-sphere. 

Given the limited space that I have I can't make big changes around the house to announce the change of season..the only thing that I keep changing is the front door wreath !

This time I wanted a simple looking wreath with just a hint of warm colors. I asked my husband to get me the crEpe paper rolls that our local Aldi had in its weekly offer. Guess what he did..he got me a lifetime's worth supply of crepe paper! He couldn't decide the he picked up all the options available! Men:/

I particularly do not like the oranges and deep yellows of the mind reads them as "Halloween" colors instead of autumn colors. So I chose purple, yellow and white.

Tried three different types of flowers.

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