Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thrifty Finds

As much as I love the smell of fresh coffee and croissants waffting through the shopping centres there is only one other feeling that matches that pleasure...scoring thrifty stuff that you know will make your soul happy!

Look what set my heart aflutter on my recent hunts:

A pair of solid brass vintage birds that if I had bought from the most expensive retail design houses in Munich I would have had to amputate my limb maybe.

I have also scored a mid century angular table from ebay..its only flaw being the formaica top..but I still love it.

I had been eying these animal bookends for some time now..the hitch..I didn't think of my son's dinosaurs to be appropriate enough to try :p so one fine day I was in this discount store we have and found these mammoths at a measly price of just 2.99 Euros for the pair!
 Reason for reduction: Torn box..well I was gonna do that anyway!

Next up, only today when I came back home after picking my son up my neighbours had some stuff out on the curb with a label saying ' Please take it ' Yes please!
I picked up two chairs that match my newly found table.
I have intentions of painting them if weather permits. I kept on telling myself that I dont need them..I dont have an inch of extra space left for new additions of furniture; albeit, I knew if I hadn't I'd be regretting it for long..we don't get those sort of sales around here in Munich too often.

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