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Desi Wedding Trend Alert: Bridal Showers

Its been long since I showed up in here. Alot happened. I hopped one continent, my son turned 3, the temperature outside is -3 , I can now drive like the Stig..licence in pocket, and I now have a happily married sister.

Let me give you a quick say on desi weddings..we have dholki parties which generally start as early as a month prior to the main 3 day wedding.

 Now, the shifting trend is a fresh spin on the pre wedding events..the Americanized Bridal Showers. Here's a perfect example of how 'modern' and 'new' this concept is to the average pakistani..my younger brother asked 'are her friends going to give her a shower?' Like literally a shower :/

I planned a little pretty party for my sister.. Its not pinterest-perfect..and I apologize for the lack of photos mainly due to privacy.

Decor was all taken off the internet..lots of cutting and snipping..but who minds a freebie. (printabelle)

I did a bunch of ballons in pink and purples..and hung them down from the ceiling fan.

To me a great table base is very important to lift the decor up one scale..I chose a beautiful golden sheet and hold onto your socks..I did not buy it from a party decor shop..its the safety blanket you get in the first aid kit for cars! It reflects light very well..said the first aid instructor when I was doing my course for the license..that was it I had decided there and then. It cost just ONE Euro..and look at the pattern formed because of its folds. LOVE.

The Backdrop -
 you gotta have one for the one million photos you need to take. *pouts*
I used whole sheets of pink and black crepe paper and then cut out the letters from card paper.

Add some Sparkle:
To cut the blankness of the crepe paper I added some silver stars on the backdrop.

In case your'e wondering..the strange dimensions of the table are because it is one half of the table tennis table we have at home. I arranged everything upstairs so that the girls were free to enjoy themselves however they wished. Doing it in the main dinning room of the house would have been a little too formal.
We had floor seating and I spread a large round golden table sheet on the floor to make a dance floor !

Food was convenient pick up items.

Hors d'oeuvres: Saltish Biscuits topped with a dice of green pepper,cumumber and cheddar. 
( I tremendously enjoyed writing " hors d'oeuvres " :D )

We did dessert for starter ( oh We girls love that dont we!)

Chiffony layer of chocolate pudding on a sandy scoop of crushed candi biscuits. ( Girls love that extra bit of fancy right! )
Munchies..a bowl of crisps and a bowl of pop corn ( did I use the word american?)

Mini Burgers. ( 'cute' was the word used to describe those :p )

  • Mac n Cheese ( cheeeezy )
  • Chicken Hot Shots ( no one's counting )
  • Potato Salad ( oh them girlies loved that )
  • Fizzy Apple Drinks and Coke 

and...we cut the cake at the end..and everyone got to take a slice home.


I asked my sister to stay in her ugly home wear..while the friends came all styles up and sparkly.
We took a BEFORE picture of the bride to be..that was fun.

I set up a grooming corner with everything needed to spoil and prettify her.
We did a quick face mask facial..and then each of the friends helped with getting her ready..someone did the eyes another the nails..blush, lipstick and hair..this way everyone got to participate..and it was so much fun..jokes and laughter filled the room.
 ( signs of a good girly jam)

We played pass the parcel..yes that childhood birthday party game..and it was soooo hilarious. 
The parcel had as many layers of wrapping paper as the number of girls. Each layer had something for the person on whome the music stopped. The first layer had a decent present in it..and everyone thought that thats how its going to be for each layer....but they soon found them selves rolling over with  fits of laughter..I added items like a waistband for shalwars, a baby sock, toys from happy meals..spongebob..my sons waffers..and what not! 
The last layer had the actual prize in it..a cozy set of leg warners and a scarf. 

Dance Practice..those girls got some crazy moves. Loud Music and Dance. Need I say more?

Recipe Contribution

I texted each of her friends to bring along a recipe that is a personal favorite of theirs to go into the recipe book which I made for my sister. This saves memories of friends you might or might not be in touch with some two decades later!

The Tiara " Miss Universe Moment"

My mother presented her with a beautiful tiara placed on a royal velvet cushion that she had made herself for my wedding :) 

Gift Opening / ahhhhh and oooooh moment 

Those girls did some serious gift showering! Her college friends made a gift bascket loaded with stuff for the new bride. We had chocolates, perfumes and kitschy little things which made the day for the bride to be. Oh and they also came up with a photo album with photos of all of them together at college and university.

Its Good To Have some Talented Friends

One of her really old friends bakes the most amazing cakes..and the jewel of the party was her yummy and elegant bridal cake. 

Fun Badges

When the crowd thinned a little we did a cheeky little activity..I found these badges here in germany perhaps a year ago in the 10 cent bin..I set them in a plate and the bride got to choose which friend got what title according to her personality.

Goodie Bags

What party is complete without a little goodie bag with a thank you note.
I made simple little bags with an assortment of stuff.

They included : 
Nail files - Euro Shop
Miniature perfumes -Doughlus
Face Masks -h&m
Fruity Nail polish removing pads- Euro Shop
Magic Towels - Euro Shop

Showcasing at 

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