Friday, June 8, 2012

Task Organizer

I have a thing with scribbling notes and reminders. No, don't mistake me for a highly organized person, I'm not..but still I find it impossible to just stumble through life without making lists and writing down things. I had a personal diary ever since I was had fine details like how the dentist tortured me and how a bug found its way into my eye..that kind of stuff. I tried making reminders and notes on my iPad but..for some reason I was not satisfied..I wanted to WRITE them down with a PEN on a PAPER.

I was feeling rather frugal and looked around for options to make an organizer. I tried a shoe box..but it was too big for my ordinary plans for every day chores. So the next thing that came into mind was a cereal box. I had this unopened box..I cut it open on the longer side of the box.
Then,I just eye-balled a mail box sort of shape and cut this.

I had this adhesive decal that I used to cover the box.
I used dividers to sort:

  • Days of the Week ( 4-5 tasks a day)
  • Monthly and Biweekly chores
  • Passwords
  • Receipts
  • To Buy
  • To Do
  • Menu
  • Extra's


  1. Love this! I'm obsessed with organization...and all things cute :) I always carry around this ridiculous notebook full of lists and notes that is impossible to find things in, so I end up making duplicate lists over and over...thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my fellow listaholic!


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