Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kids Art Caddy

I have created more sewing disasters in the history of sewing and ironing than there possibly can be. I once wasted yards and yards of cloth while trying to cut a sari petticoat. I got it right on the 4th time. I have burnt new dresses while ironing, I even forgot a hot iron on a folded pile of luscious black silk that was laying near by. I can't help it. My love-hate relationship with sewing continues...

I love to pin sewing this drawing caddy that I saw and wanted to make. It seemed all straight lines and easy peasy japanesey..until I tried. My thread broke at least half a million times, my son wanted all the crayons and my husband was worried about the neighbours getting disturbed because of the humming noise of the sewing machine late in the evening. (German neighbourhood laws are practised religiously) somebody with efficient sewing skills could whip it up in half an hour but it took me alot more.

I gathered my supplies. I made a short trip to the fabric shop (one lonely fabric shop in the area where I live) I chose vinyl sheet for the outer cover because the selection of girly prints there, were not very pleasing. Its a gift for a girl.

I measured the vinyl sheet by using a drawing pad as my size guide. I cut 3 pieces each of the vinyl and the lining fabric. Leaving 1 inch seam allowance all around.

Next, I cut two pieces of plain white fabric to make the pockets for markers and crayons. I used a marker as a guide for size.

Ironed everything smooth ( except the vinyl, what a disaster that would've been!). I folded and ironed the edges of my pockets.

Started pinning the pockets on one of the 3 lining sheets of fabric.
On the second piece I marked and cut a straight line in the fabric to insert the drawing pad.
On the third piece I pinned a ready made case with a zipper on it. You could make a pocket too.

For the pockets, I first did a top stitch on the upper part of the pocket. Then stitched on 3 sides to attach it to the lining fabric. After that I marked sections for the crayons and markers 0.7 inches each, and sewed them.

Sewed the pinned pieces onto the lining. Next, I placed the outer sheets and the lining sheets right sides together and pinned. Sew the edges leaving space to turn them inside out. I inserted batting inside the piece with the pockets on it to give it form.

After that I joined the 3 pieces together. You could do a top stitch all over the 3 pieces but I only
did it on the area where I had left the opening for turning over. It didn't look neat but hey I'm an amateur!

Added a self adhesive Velcro for the closure of the folded caddy.

I finished it off by putting the girl's initial and a pink bow on the cover. To make the initial, I used fuse able paper to cut out the alphabet and glued it on the cover.

Not the neatest gift I could make, but still I would appreciate a handmade gift anytime! I hope my friend's daughter likes it too.


  1. Super cute Kammy! I'll have to make these for my kiddos. :)

  2. Thanks for your super cute comment, it's made by me and I posted it on Kammy's blog!



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