Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shoe Carton Transformation

I  made this label saying 'soap' but I didn't have anything to put my soap in..I mean I did not actually 'need' something to put my soap bars and handwashes in but a lil bit of extra 'drama' adds cuteness doesn't it?

I removed the lid and spread the box open.
I used a piece of vinyl from a previous project and used some adhesive spray to adhere it to the flattened box. Cut around the shape with a scissor or exacto knife..Fold the box back and there you have it. A new fancy box to go in the bathroom.


  1. What a lovely transformation - I love doing things like this too!

  2. This box is beautiful! Elegant and glamorous. I love up cycling!

  3. Thanks for sharing your love Karima and Karen :)


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