Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bulky Yarn Crochet Cowl

What is Big, Chunky and everyone wants to have one.
I want one too.

So, coming to my latest interest apart from the chocolate craving I made my very first crochet project. The word 'crochet' used to haunt me. I had to make a sample for a college assignment and it was a nightmare, but more recently I have begun to like the work lots of people are doing in so many inspiring ways. The bulky yarn berets, beanies and scarves are all this winter is about. I went ahead and invested in a 12mm crochet hook and a ball of Big Bravo Yarn. I had no idea what I will be doing with it.

I do not know how to decipher the crochet jargon. I checked some videos which in the first place motivated me. If I made the effort to actually learn it before buying the hook it would have helped..but impatient as I am I started of with the basic cast on  and did 30 chain stitches which miraculously I knew from that dreadful sample I made back in college. Next what i did was what I think is a single crochet..and kept on doing that until I had a rectangular shape and the ball end of the yarn shrunk in size. At this point it did not seem like I was ever going to finish a scarf which i intended, so I changed my plan and made a cowl instead !

Its a slip on cowl..basically I joined the two ends of my odd rectangle with one corner turned over. Finished it off with a big, chunky button!

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